Studio Freckles

the maker

My name is Noor Wagtendonk and I am the face behind Studio Freckles.
I live partially in my beloved Amsterdam and have a small house on the Dutch country side. 

Studio Freckles was born in 2018 after spending years of thinking about my own brand. Illustrating and painting runs through my veins and there’s nothing I like to do more. 

With a background in graphic design and fashion business I could combine my experiences and talent to start my own little business.

I have a weak spot for anything aesthetically pleasing and the old English Country Side. This is something that translates in my work.

My main services consist out of bespoke illustrations and stationery, original artworks in watercolor, tailor made murals for grown-ups and children and watercolor workshops that I host throughout the year. 

Besides all this I’ve created a line especially for the little ones and mama’s (to be) : Atelier Florentine 

Don’t be shy and drop a line if you have an inquiry! I am happy to help: